What you need to know about planing your wedding abroad

We’ve prepared a short guide to help you plan your wedding in a different country to yours. In this case, we’ll be often referring to organising a wedding in Poland. Enjoy! Finding the wedding venue If you’ve just got engaged and have always planned to get married abroad, well done. You’ve just ticked the first item […]
We’ve prepared a short guide to help you plan your wedding in a different country to yours. In this case, we’ll be often referring to organising a wedding in Poland. Enjoy!

Wedding planning abroad

Finding the wedding venue

If you’ve just got engaged and have always planned to get married abroad, well done. You’ve just ticked the first item off your list. Now, where would that be? The simplest option to start looking for a venue is to simply google for “wedding venues in [country]”. You’ll get plenty of suggestions. When you find one you like, make sure you read its reviews on its Facebook and TripAdvisor pages. Make sure the venue not only look great but provides amazing service.

When you find the venue and email them to learn about its prices, be prepared that you’ll almost certainly not receive a straightforward answer. Why? A couple of reasons:

  • it’s not easy to price a wedding. It’s due to every bride and groom being different. Since every couple have different idea of their perfect wedding celebrations, the prices vary.
  • they don’t want to. Everything they tell you over email is binding. Since they can’t guarantee the prices will stay the same by the time you decide to get married there, they keep it vague. Also, before they give you any price estimate, they often try to keep the conversation going and convince you to visit them first (it’s always a good idea to visit the venue before you decide o go ahead with it 🙂 ).

Advice: it might be worth asking your venue what’s the price range of organising weddings at their venue. Remember to give them as much information as you have so it’d easier for them to give you a price range.

We’ve prepared a simple breakdown of a wedding cost in Poland here – you might find it useful.


Make sure you have your passport up to date. Some countries require you have at least six months left before the passport expires to get married in the country of your choice. Also, learn what documents you’ll need in order to get married in this country. We prepared a separate article about documents you’ll need in order to get married in Poland here: required documents.

Big or small wedding

You need to decide with your future spouse what size you’d like your wedding to be. It might be worth creating a short guest list just for a rough number estimate. Since many venues offer more than one room to choose from for your celebrations, it’s important. For instance, if you’re planning to have a smaller wedding (say, 50 guests) a room that can accommodate for up to 60 people will be more than enough. In a larger room your guests wouldn’t feel comfortable. It’d likely be more expensive too.

Advice: Make sure you have a rough idea of your wedding size as it’ll help the venue you’re contacting prepare the cost estimate you’re requesting.

Outdoor or indoor wedding

Some venues don’t offer organising outdoor weddings. Other allow only an outdoor ceremony (indoor reception) and vice versa. Make sure you enquire about this when drafting an email to them. If you need more information about outdoor weddings in Poland, please visit this page: outdoor weddings in Poland.

Travel arrangements

Couples almost always decide to have their wedding done in warmer months. Not just because of the scenery and the fact everything looks great during their wedding photoshoot, but also because in warmer time their guests are able to arrange their time off work more easily.

What the couples often forget is to make sure that joining them at the wedding is affordable to everyone.

Advice: make sure you research what means of transport your guests can use to join you at the wedding: a plane? a train? a car? Then, find out the average cost to travel to your venue. It’s important to know how much it’d cost to fly a family of 4 to you. If you want them to join you, ensure you make it easy and affordable to get to you.

Food pricing

This information often isn’t provided by the wedding venues. Most of the venues listed on Weddination show you a price per person based on a dinner set menu, so you could get a nice price estimate for it here*. However, if you visit individual websites of almost every venue the prices won’t be as transparent. On average, dinner set menu starts from 120 PLN / person; evening buffet from 10 PLN / person.

Advice: request the venue to email you their wedding offer. Make sure you explain to them first though, you’re seriously considering getting married at their venue though 🙂

*For instance, if you want your wedding to take place near Krakow at, say, Kompleks Dabrowka, you’ll need to pay 180 PLN / person (and up) for dinner. There is a separate price for your evening buffet (prices often start at 25 PLN / person).

Flowers, music, beauty treatments

If you know what venue you want to get married in, search for florists, music bands, beauty salons near it. That way, you’ll save yourself money and time on their transportation on your wedding day. Especially when it comes down to flowers, i.e. the nearer your florist is, the fresher your flowers will be on your wedding day. Alternatively, enquire what the venue you want to get married in can offer you. They usually have a list of vendors they work with.

Hiring a wedding planner

If all of the above scares you, get a wedding planner. They will help you with everything you’re not sure of. Also, since you’re likely to hire one near your preferred wedding venue, they might be able to arrange special discounts with local vendors.

Visit this website to find some of the most qualified wedding organisers in Poland: Polskie Stowarzyszenie Konsultantów Ślubnych. You can find here professional and reliable organisers who offer their services in almost every area of Poland.

If you need more reasons why you should hire a wedding planner, read this article here: Why you should hire a wedding planner.

Last but not least: wedding website

With a local wedding, you can usually get away with not having a website done. With a wedding abroad, we dare say it’s essential. Why? That way you can easily inform your guests about any changes in one go. You’ll avoid contacting each one of them individually (a great saving in time and money). Make sure you let them know to keep an eye on your website in the wedding invites you sent them.

There are plenty of websites where you can choose a theme and make a wedding website yourself. Their quality isn’t usually good and creating one is time consuming. Learn more about what website we can make for you (at a fraction of a cost) here: your wedding website.
View live wedding website demo

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