How to save money on your wedding?

Weddings don’t need to be as costly as you might think. You can still have your wedding you’ve always dreamt of – with a little help though. Photography / Videography Look for aspiring photographers and videographers who could make a film and take pics on your wedding day. There are plenty of people who’d die for […]
Weddings don’t need to be as costly as you might think. You can still have your wedding you’ve always dreamt of – with a little help though.

Wedding favours

Photography / Videography

Look for aspiring photographers and videographers who could make a film and take pics on your wedding day. There are plenty of people who’d die for an opportunity to take pictures / make a video at weddings to build up their portfolio. From our experience, the cost of having such person at your wedding should be between 500 – 1,000 PLN. You could save yourself up to 4,000 PLN.

  • Pro – you save money.
  • Con – the person you’re hiring is not a registered company so there’s some risk involved, i.e. they might not be good, might not come to your wedding at all, etc. Make sure you know the person you’re hiring.
  • Tip – remember to offer a free meal to a person you decide to hire. Mention how much money they’ll be able to make out of this opportunity. It’ll keep their motivation going.

Hairdresser / make-up artist

Find a friend who loves doing make-up / hair. There is always someone in your group of friends who loves doing it. So, instead of paying 250 PLN (or more) for your make-up or hairstyle, ask them to help you with your look for, say, 50 PLN.

  • Pro – you save money. Often, when you hire a friend, they offer to make a make-up for you for free or as a wedding gift.
  • Con – how much experience do they actually have? Have they ever done a make-up to someone other than themselves? You need to know that before you ask them for help.
  • Tip – if a person you decide to hire isn’t employed by anyone, make sure you know their style. Make sure you have plenty of make-up / hairstyle trials done before your wedding. Also, make sure you have plenty of pictures of the hairstyle / make-up you want doing. It’s to ensure everything goes according to plan. View some of our make-up and hairstyle inspiration online.

Alcohol & other drinks

Ask your local shops whether they can help you out with that. The local shops might be able to get the alcohol and soft drinks at a cheaper price (get it at a retail price). Additionally, if you order too many bottles, they might be willing to accept alcohol back from you (so they can then sell it themselves at their shop).

  • Pro – you save money and are reassured that you don’t need to deal with having too much alcohol after your wedding 😉
  • Con – none
  • Tip – enquire in more than one place. Ask your family / friends whether they know someone reliable that sells alcohol. You’d be surprised but people have all sots of different connections.

Sweets & cakes

Purchase your sweets at supermarkets or one-pound stores (or whatever your equivalent is 🙂 ). Candies, chewing gums, chocolate bars – all this could appear next to your cakes at the sweets table. Also, ask your mum, grandma, your partner’s family, friends whether they could help you with making cakes. Usually, the cost of buying one from a caterer is x3 as much as what the ingredients would cost. Also, often everyone wants to help with your wedding. Some of your relatives may even suggest they’ll offer you a cake /2 / 3 as a wedding gift (which might be a good idea especially if you run out of ideas of what presents to ask about 🙂 )

  • Pro – you save money and make your family happy. Your close family and friends may appreciate the fact you want their help 🙂
  • Con – if something goes wrong, there is no money-back here. If you ordered from a bakery and something went wrong you could at least get your money back.
  • Tip – make sure your family know how important it is. Don’t let them underestimate the importance of sweets at your wedding 🙂


Do-it-yourself, or ask your family and friends to help you with it. In theory, stationery is a little undertaking. In reality, it might take you more than a whole day to have everything done. This includes, invites, name cards, alcohol tags, table numbers, menus, thank you cards. The cost of having all of these done could cost you even £500 / 100 people.

  • Pro – you save up to even £400 / wedding guests. Get a paper, envelopes and the rest of the DIY items in a stationery online shop. That way you’ll save even more money. It looks custom made.
  • Con – it’s time consuming… You’ll need help from family / friends to do this.

Car rental

To rent a car for your wedding might be a bit pricey depending on a what car you want, for how many hours, when in a week, and the distance it needs to drive in order to get to you. It usually costs between 300 – 1200 PLN. Often, friends of your friends offer their car rental and a fraction of a price (usually 200 PLN + petrol). It might be worth enquiring.

  • Pro – you can save even 1000 PLN on this.
  • Con – it might be difficult to find a person who’ll be willing to hire their car. Also, if they do, they might be overly worried something goes wrong with their car.
  • Tip – if you know a person who’s hiring you their car, it might be worth offering them a meal at your wedding (instead of paying them for renting their car). Or, if you don’t know them well, offer them money and some alcohol as a token of your appreciation (giving alcohol to your guests in Poland is a common tradition :)).


Beautiful flowers don’t need to be provided by a hired florist. You can purchase them yourselves at a grocery store for a fraction of a price. Also, to save on their delivery, you can ask your family or/and friends to pick them up for you.

  • Pro – you save a lot of money.
  • Con – you have to research what flowers are best to be used to withstand a hot weather and won’t die by the time your wedding even starts.
  • Tip – do a lot of research on this topic. You don’t want anything to go wrong with this.


It doesn’t matter what your wedding theme is, you can get your decor from friends, family, a charity store or eBay. You might be even able to find most of the things you want at your wedding at your home (possibly in your attic?). E.g. if you want a tulle spool to decorate a church you could get it for as little as £9 (59m long). The interesting thing is that you’d probably pay as much for it to your decorator. If you bought it yourselves though, you could always resell it on eBay and have some of your money back.

  • Pro – if not saving the money initially, you sure will if you sell every item you bought. You can resell it on eBay / Gumtree / Amazon.
  • Con – it takes time to research everything (i.e. finding the best offers).
  • Tip – start off by asking your family and friends if they have what you need. If not, they have friends who recently got married and need someone to buy their decorations from them. Search for your items by theme, for instance “Rustic Wedding Decorations“.

Wedding dress

Don’t buy a new dress. Either have it done by someone you know or buy a used one. When you think about it, it really isn’t strange or less unique. A wedding dress is one of the things you’ll probably never wear again. A used dress was worn just once (or twice – once for the wedding, once for the wedding photoshoot) and was washed after. It won’t feel unhygienic or less special. A custom made dress is not worse than a dress you’re getting from a retailer.

  • Pro – you save a lot of money. We’ve written two articles about it if you fancy learning more about where to get a custom made dress in Poland. A used dress could be purchased from, for instance, OnceWed website.
  • Con – there really isn’t one apart from you thinking the dress might be less special. It’s not 🙂

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  1. Great read. Thanks to the author for sharing a wonderful post. Actually, I am a happy mother and my daughter is getting married this December. I am sure these tips will help me saving a huge money on her wedding celebrations.

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