What is the cost of a wedding in Poland?

Organising a wedding in Poland should cost you less than organising it in, say, the UK, even when you are expected to pay for everything yourselves. As a wedding couple you pay for everything – the alcohol, accommodation, etc. How much does organising a wedding in Poland really cost? Cost of the wedding ceremony The most common options […]
Organising a wedding in Poland should cost you less than organising it in, say, the UK, even when you are expected to pay for everything yourselves. As a wedding couple you pay for everything – the alcohol, accommodation, etc. How much does organising a wedding in Poland really cost?

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Cost of the wedding ceremony

The most common options couples go for is either having a civil or a concordat wedding ceremony.

Most couples nowadays choose to only have a civil ceremony. It’s usually due to both keeping the costs down as well as being able have their wedding to other place than a registrar office. The cost includes: 84 PLN (for the registrar payment). This payment should be enough for you to become legally married. If you’d like to get married outdoors, since 2015 you can. The cost – 1,000 PLN.

If you want a more traditionally “Polish” wedding, you can have a concordat / religious ceremony. The cost of it is not as transparent as in the case of a civil ceremony. It depends on the municipality of where your wedding takes place, the city, and individual churches’ price list. In theory, a priest should marry you no matter how much you offer them for this service. In reality, a parish usually has a ‘price list’ they will present you with. The price is usually between 50 – 2,000 PLN. When making a payment, it is important to remember that what you pay, will cover costs for a priest, an organist, and simple church decorations. For instance, these costs in Gdańsk are about 570 PLN, in Wrocław 1,500 PLN, and in Głuszyce (near Jelenia Góra) 2,000 PLN.

It’s also important to remember about any other expenses you might want to add yourselves, e.g. additional music, flower decorations, etc.

To sum up

  • Civil ceremony: 84 – 1,000 PLN + additional costs
  • Religious ceremony: 50 – 2000 PLN + additional costs

Renting a wedding venue

The cost of it depends on where the venue is and what kind of a building it is. For instance, in smaller cities the costs are smaller. If you’d like a popular venue in Warsaw, Wrocław or Kraków you should expect to spend at least 200 PLN per person. In the places further away from the city, it may cost you even 100 PLN / person less.

Many people nowadays decide to have small wedding celebrations surrounded by their closest family and friends; often at home. It’s guaranteed then, the cost of food and drinks will be smaller. When having a wedding in a wedding venue, it’s usually mandatory to order a starter, main course, dessert, other snacks. The cost of it varies between 50 – 350 PLN / person or more, if you decide to have your wedding in a luxurious venue. If so, you can expect to spend between 1,500 – 4,000 PLN / 30 – 40 guests. This, of course, excludes alcohol where the prices vary between 25 – 50 PLN / person (so 2,500 – 5,000 PLN / 100 people).

Many couples also decide to have their wedding celebrations over a period of two days. Then, the costs per person varies and might “make sense” because you’re spending less. For instance, if you decided to have a wedding in one day only, you could pay 150 PLN / person. The cost for two days is usually slightly larger, between 200 – 230 PLN / person.

A few wedding venue examples

To sum up

  • Festive dinner / 80 people: 4,000 – 6,000 PLN
  • One-day wedding celebrations / 100 people: 10,000 – 20,000 PLN
  • Two-day wedding celebrations / 100 people: 20,000 – 35,000 PLN
  • Alcohol / 100 people: 2,500 – 5,000 PLN

Music during your wedding

One of the most important things to organise is music. To rent a DJ would cost you between 1,200 – 3,500 PLN. More expensive ones — as the cliche goes — can be found in larger cities. However, it is also possible to search for the ones that are based in more remote locations who may cost you much less (sometimes only 1,000 PLN).

Music bands are automatically more expensive because the cost of their performance is divided between a few people. The average cost of their services is between 1,500 – 7,000 PLN / night. Make sure your band-lead can also organise some simple games for your wedding guests, otherwise, you’ll need to spend at least 2,000 PLN more for having someone who could do this for you (this expense is not a requirement – it’s a Polish tradition to have someone perform a few games at a wedding though).

To sum up

  • Music: 1,200 – 7,000 PLN


It’s important to consider where your guests will stay after your wedding. Often — as the newly wed couple — you get a one-night stay free (as a present from the venue). You’re expected to pay yourselves for any extra night yourselves. Also, it is you who pays for at least one night stay for your guests. Since you guarantee a large number of rooms booked for one night, you usually get a discount. You can expect to pay between 50 – 400 PLN / person.

A few wedding venue examples

Other expenses

The core of your wedding is your ceremony and reception which make up about 60% of your wedding expenses. You should also remember about the following:

  • Photographer – 1,500 – 3,000 PLN
  • Videographer – 1,500 – 4,000 PLN
  • Car rental – 500 – 2,000 PLN
  • Wedding dress – 300 – 5,000 PLN
  • Groom’s suit – 500 – 7,500 PLN
  • Wedding bands – 500 – 7,000 zł
  • Wedding cake – 0 – 600 PLN
  • Other – no limit
  • Altogether: 4,800 – 31 000 zł (average)

Your wedding location

You can expect to pay more for your wedding in the areas of Warsaw, Polish highlands or in Masuria, however, organising a nice wedding (for about 100 people) — no matter where in Poland —would cost you at least 40,000 PLN. In Zakopane, for instance, the cost of renting a venue is between 200 – 200 PLN / person. Double that amount for your guests’ accommodation. A wedding in this city would cost you about 40,000 – 50 000 PLN.

For a wedding in Kraków, however, you can find a nice venue that costs you even 100 PLN / person (but you can go as expensive as 500 PLN / person) – it’s all very relative.

Organising a wedding in Warsaw and vicinity — on average —should cost you about 20% more than in other regions of Poland. A similar expense may apply to the weddings organised at the seaside.

The good news is that there are some popular areas in Poland where organising a wedding may cost you slightly less. For instance, in the Łódź and vicinity, the wedding cost per 100 people is about 30,000 – 40,000 PLN.

What does your wedding budget depend on?

The more attractions and professional help you need, the more you pay. That’s why, you should start off by planning out the things you absolutely can’t imagine your wedding without, e.g. photographer, accommodation, music band, and go from there. Is your friend a wedding photographer or does she specialise in making videos? Great! Ask them for help. You may save yourselves hundreds of pounds.

Start your planning by preparing a table with:

  • the list of caterers
  • accommodation for wedding guests,
  • alcohol, etc. We can start you off with a wedding planning spreadsheet we’ve created. Simply, download it from here:

Download my wedding planning spreadsheet

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