Should we get help to organise our wedding in Poland?

If you’d like to make sure that your wedding in Poland is organised up to the last detail, you should get some help from a person who does it for a living – a wedding coordinator. Only then you know you won’t miss to do anything for your big day. This usually applies to mixed […]
If you’d like to make sure that your wedding in Poland is organised up to the last detail, you should get some help from a person who does it for a living – a wedding coordinator. Only then you know you won’t miss to do anything for your big day.

This usually applies to mixed marriages (where two people come from different countries and want to get married in the one person’s country) but also these people who simply want to get married in a different country to the one they live in. Finding your wedding venue, accommodation, wedding vendors or organising wedding documents is difficult and time consuming. Having some help from a wedding coordinator / organiser could be life changing!

Below is a list of tasks a wedding coordinator usually can help you with: before, during and after your wedding takes place. Enjoy! 🙂

Help of the wedding coordinator before the wedding

Organizacja ślubu przed

  • finding the right wedding venue,
  • finding the right vendor (photographer, videographer, bakery, hair stylist, florist, wedding band, or a DJ),
  • finding the right wedding dress for the bride, dresses for the maid of honour / bridesmaids,
  • finding the right suit for the groom, his best man and his ushers,
  • help with sending wedding invites + save the-date-cards,
  • help with finding a designer to build a website (mainly to help your guests find their way around your wedding),
  • price negotiations with your vendors,
  • paying in all the deposits,
  • help with organising the legal documents between you and the church / registrar office (pl. Urząd Stanu Cywilnego),
  • finding a translator who’ll take care of your translation at the registrar office before the wedding as well as during your wedding ceremony),
  • help with organising a hen / stag do.


Organizacja ślubu w trakcie

  • help with organising the pick up of your wedding guests from the airpot / church, etc,
  • help with organising a nanny / animators who will take care of your younger wedding guests,
  • help with decorating the church, registrar office, ceremony / reception room, etc.,
  • help with organising accommodation for your guests,
  • making sure the right name cards are at the right tables,
  • helping guests find the right place at their table,
  • help with coordinating attractions for the guests.

Help of the wedding coordinator after your wedding

Organizacja ślubu po

  • help with organising your next-day celebrations (pl. poprawiny),
  • paying off the remaining vendors, the accommodation, vendors, wedding venue, etc.,
  • packing up and giving away the cake + alcohol that was left after your wedding,
  • help with organising the honeymoon.

When you should find a wedding coordinator / planner

The wedding planner should be with you from the start, i.e. if you think this is the right time to start and plan your wedding – get the help now. The planner will then talk to the wedding venue managers, arrange wedding invites, speak to the vendors, etc. She’d also have a better chance to negotiate prices with them.

What’s the earliest time you should find help? We recommend you find a professional help 2 years before the wedding as the earliest.

The latest you should get a wedding planner is, 6 months before the wedding.

It really depends on the wedding couple and how much they managed to take care of before the wedding, i.e. if the couple have found and paid for most of their vendors, the wedding coordinator can join you a bit later (in this case you’ll save less money though as she can’t negotiate much with the people you’ve already signed agreements with). If you have nothing arranged, you should find help as soon as possible (with some help, you’ll be able to save more time and money – she’ll haggle over prices, do all the arrangements at the registrar / church for you). Also, since the pricing of the wedding coordinators is usually set, it doesn’t matter if you get hire them 3 years before the wedding or 6 months before the wedding – you’ll always pay the set price for their services. So get them sooner rather then later and save yourself a risk of not finding one at all.

How much does it cost to get a wedding coordinator / planner in Poland?

The help from a wedding planner will cost you between 3 – 12,000 PLN. The price depends on the city the wedding planner is in as well as the number of services they usually offer. Is it worth it? Every penny. Unlike you — the couple who doesn’t live near the desired wedding destination — the wedding coordinators know the local vendors and venues and can help you get everything organised quicker and, often, cheaper.

Additionally, if you live outside of Poland, but need to visit it to arrange some wedding necessities, the wedding coordinator could help you meet all of them in one day. Again, you save yourselves the time planning your trip, and money – you fly less often, rent a car less often, etc.

What questions you should ask the wedding planner

The agency you’re getting in touch with should present you with all the important information about the services they offer. If you’re unsure about anything though, make sure you know answers to these questions:

  • does your agency belong to the Polish Association of Wedding Planners (PSKS)? That way you ensure you get the best quality service,
  • could you email us your wedding agenda? Every professional agency has a standard document they present to the couples interested in obtaining their services,
  • how many years have you been in the wedding planning industry You can but you don’t need to ask about this. As long as the agency belongs to PSKS you know that they’re good.
  • how many weddings do you organise in one day? It’s uncommon for a wedding planner to take care of more than one wedding in one day anyway but you should ask about this just to ensure. You want them to organise only one wedding in one day – that way you know they are always there with you to help you,
  • how responsive is your agency? The person you’re speaking with should be honest with you and inform you that once you start working together, you don’t need to be in touch every day. It’s not necessary. They should guarantee though that they keep everything on file with regards to every deadlines that should be met with your vendors / wedding venue.

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